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Game News
Welcome to Circle One!
We are a friendly, low pressure, PvE focused guild hailing from the Sarlona server. Currently Guild Level 41.

Guild Charter:

-Please be kind and respectful to *all* other guild members including those with little experience. We are a family.

-Please practice common courtesy when involved in party based play.

-Please avoid slurs or offensive language/behavior in semi-public areas like Guild Chat (what you say in more private chats or via tells is your own business).

-Remember that the guild name is always displayed above your head, and that you represent us all! Please conduct yourself accordingly.

-Have fun!

-Be heard! Your leadership wants to know about things you appreciate or dislike, so we can improve everyone's experience.

-Share alike! If you use the guild's resources, do so in moderation and reciprocate when possible.

-Absences in excess of one month will result in expulsion, barring special circumstances.

-Officer positions will not be granted to players beneath level five.

-Officer positions will be revoked if privileges are abused or if a player is absent for two weeks or longer, barring special circumstances.


Please adhere to this charter or action will be taken.

Circle One is proud to have all of you! Good luck and safe hunting!


 --Grunermann Berg, Founder of Circle One


 to Circle One!
Guild News

Leadership Change

Grunermann, Aug 1, 11 1:37 AM.
Hey guys:

Leadership has been passed back to me, but it's on Lohrna this time around (my only currently capped character). I look forward to leading Circle One again and to seeing you all in the game soon!


New Guild Leader

Grunermann, Dec 28, 10 3:38 PM.
Hey All,

I have passed the Leader position of Circle One over to Flawn. Rest assured that I am not going anywhere! This is just a rotation of power that I think is smart for the guild. Flawn has more time to take care of guild matters and I want to focus on finally hitting my level cap after nearly two years of playing!

Please congratulate Flawn and treat him with the same respect you all treated me with for so long.

See you all soon,

--Grunermann Berg, Founder of Circle One

Guild Update

Grunermann, Dec 16, 10 8:57 PM.
Hey all:

I've had final exams for the past week and haven't gotten as much play time as usual, but after tonight i will be on my winter break and back in action! I've removed even more inactive players for the roster, so it may be looking small to some of you. I will be actively recruiting starting this weekend to try to make up the difference. As always, let me know if an alternate character or friend of yours was booted so I can re-invite. I'm glad to see some of you climbing in level, hopefully we will have a nice player base of people in the same level range soon, I'd love to see some all guild raid groups in the future!

I hope all of you are enjoying the upgraded airship and the content from the last update (those of you in level range) and are finding the guild to be a helpful resource. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to improve your experience!

See you in the game soon,


Roster Maintenance

Grunermann, Nov 30, 10 1:36 PM.
More roster maintenance was done this morning. Member list is looking mean and lean! As always, if a friend or alternate character was booted please let me know so I can invite again. Circle One will be avidly recruiting for the next week or so, so break out your lowbies if you want in on some Korthos action with the new guys.

See you all soon!


Demotion and Expulsion

Grunermann, Nov 13, 10 5:48 PM.
A large number of players were demoted or expelled today as part of routine maintenance. If anyone's alternate character or friend was booted, please let me know so I can extend a new invitation. For future reference: Any officer who is inactive for over 3 weeks, barring special circumstances, will have their position revoked. Officer position will be granted back at next log if I am asked to do so. Any player who is inactive for over a month, barring special circumstances, will be expelled. No hard feelings! Just doesn't do anyone any good to have deadwood on the roster. Keep it lean!


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